white laburnum

Well, I thought it must be white laburnum, but I’ve had a look around the web, and find that it’s probably a black locust tree, which is also known as false acacia.

black locust tree blossom (white laburnum)
Whatever it is, the flowers are rather lovely, though I doubt there will many of them left after the torrential rain that seems to be obligatory in Semana Santa in Spain.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

7 thoughts on “white laburnum”

  1. I thought my tree was an acacia but somehow had got the wrong colour green leaves but today i spotted white blossoms and given the time of year it occurred to me it was like a cross between acacia and a while laburnum if there is such a thing so looked up the net and found this…good to know i’m not alone!
    P.S. In England


  2. Thanks, exactly what I was looking for though it may be called Sophora Japonica aka Japanese Pagoda and Chinese Scholar tree? There’s also a purple flower variety!


    1. A quick scan of the wikipedia page tells me that Sophora Japonica flowers in Europe in late summer, while this was in flower in Spain in early spring, so I think they may be different, though the flowers do look the same.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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