bluebirds II

I’ve mentioned before the effect certain blue birds have on me: how they raise my spirits and how, for the (usually brief) moments that they are visible, I forget to do anything other than stand and stare. This week, though, a jay has visited the vine regularly – I guess the grapes must be just … Continue reading “bluebirds II”


I’ve always said I don’t really like birds, but for some reason there are lots of them in my poetry. We’re fortunate to have pine forest, olive groves, the river and other habitats here that provide homes for a variety of species. The most impressive ones that actually come into the garden include hoopoes and … Continue reading “bluebirds”

slightly festive

I don’t celebrate Christmas and try hard to avoid the consumer chaos, so this time of year is always a bit strange: I feel there should be something a little special, but am not quite sure why or what. Some wintry weather might help – there’s nothing like a bright frosty morning for clearing the … Continue reading “slightly festive”