year of the pig

We are now officially well into the Year of the Pig. And, frankly, if the Year of the Dog was a bitch, this year has already been a pig of a year. Back when I lived in Spain, pigs loomed large in my life. So here I’m just going to gather together some old blog … Continue reading “year of the pig”

autumn memories

Despite the glorious flowers still to be found in window boxes and tubs around the town, summer is officially over: the days have been getting shorter and Thursday was the Autumn Equinox. I think all the local churches have either had their harvest festival or have it scheduled for tomorrow and the thought of harvest … Continue reading “autumn memories”

of pigs and poetry

I took a new poem-in-progress into the writers’ group on Tuesday. Its title is La Matanza – the Spanish word for slaughter or massacre. It’s a piece that I’ve been intending to write ever since we bought the house in the village and were told the guy couldn’t come to prune the trees on the … Continue reading “of pigs and poetry”


I’ve mentioned before that there’s an old guy who keeps cerdos on the plot of land alongside the olivar. Just two pigs, each year: one for each of his daughters. I’ve started taking the windfalls across for them when I walk down to the village. When the guy isn’t there, I leave the bag by … Continue reading “harvest”

vivir de las rentas II

The real reason I started writing about tax returns earlier is because I saw an advert for the por tantos campaign on one of the web sites I visited this morning. That’s this year’s campaign to get people to tick the box on their declaración de la renta to give a contribution to the Catholic … Continue reading “vivir de las rentas II”