forbidden words II

I’ve no time at the moment to write what I want to about geographical limits to poetry and how far we should dumb down for our (international) readers – a follow on from my doubts and the comments about gossamer. So instead, I’ve dug out the piece I wrote as a response to the usenet … Continue reading “forbidden words II”

forbidden words

When I posted the poem returning, a while back, I’ll admit that it wasn’t because I think it’s particularly good. It just seemed to suit the mood and the weather. One of the problems I see with it is the “poesy”: the self-conscious and unnecessary use of poetic words. I think that including the word … Continue reading “forbidden words”

forbidden favourites

Although most people agree that autumn starts with the equinox, which doesn’t fall for another week, it seems that Christmas is already looming, with cards on sale in the shops, and gift catalogues dropping through the letterbox. I never sign up for printed catalogues, but they arrive unsolicited, and offer temptations in the form of … Continue reading “forbidden favourites”

clichés and coincidences

Novice poets are frequently warned about clichés; sometimes, though, it’s hard to know exactly what the people doing the warning have in mind. Is a cliché the same as an idiom? Is it just a common collocation of words? Can a single word be a cliché? (In answer to that last question, I’ve posted several … Continue reading “clichés and coincidences”

skeletons in the archive

Once more, I’ve sat down at the computer without any idea of what to write. I don’t think I’ve ever really worried about suffering with writer’s block, but often days and weeks go by without any new ideas surfacing. One reason for continuing with this blog is that it forces me to write something, even … Continue reading “skeletons in the archive”