a different perspective

I have pointed out on many occasions that looking at things from different angles and perspectives can result in a very different view and understanding of any situation. I’ve also expressed a tendency to look upwards and be positive about things. But this week I was reminded that sometimes the view is better when you … Continue reading “a different perspective”


Regular readers will probably have realised I rather like dandelions. Well, not just dandelions, but catsears, hawksbeard and coltsfoot, and all the other wonderfully named, bright, yellow composite weeds with flowers like the radiant suns that dot the pages of children’s picture books. I like the seed heads, too, with their downy parachutes counter-balanced by … Continue reading “perspectives”

reflections on perspective

Yesterday I wrote about details and concluded that what you see depends on your perspective. This is not a new topic for this blog: I think I’ve made it clear over the years I’ve been posting that I think we have a lot of choice about which lens we choose to view things through and … Continue reading “reflections on perspective”


I’ve mentioned the children’s poem Dorothy Rose on the blog before now, and how the world can seem very different, depending on where you choose to look. These photos, taken within a few yards of each other this morning, serve as a reminder that the bare, dripping branches of winter don’t tell the whole story.


The field is stippled with mole hills and I am glad I am not an ant I could also be glad that I was in the sunny field and not in the distance beyond, where the sky is decidedly ominous. And that we’ve had a few mostly dry days and I wasn’t knee-deep in mud … Continue reading “perspective”