don’t confuse the slaughtered pig

WordPress – which is where this blog is hosted – provide statistics so bloggers can see how many readers they have and what brings them to the site. I’m intrigued by the readers who arrive from search engines looking for specific things. Or, more accurately, I’m intrigued by the things they are looking for. The … Continue reading “don’t confuse the slaughtered pig”

Notes for the apocollapse

Everyone deals with things in their own way. For me, saying things aloud or writing things down gives them form and allows me to look at them a little more objectively. I have always appreciated the “How can I know what I think till I see what I say?” school of thought. So, back when … Continue reading “Notes for the apocollapse”


I moved back to the UK some years ago, but the time spent in Spain, and in particular, the years spent en el pueblo, still influence my thoughts. Today, for example is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a fact I would never have paid any attention to before living in a Catholic country, but … Continue reading “maculate”

year of the pig

We are now officially well into the Year of the Pig. And, frankly, if the Year of the Dog was a bitch, this year has already been a pig of a year. Back when I lived in Spain, pigs loomed large in my life. So here I’m just going to gather together some old blog … Continue reading “year of the pig”

autumn memories

Despite the glorious flowers still to be found in window boxes and tubs around the town, summer is officially over: the days have been getting shorter and Thursday was the Autumn Equinox. I think all the local churches have either had their harvest festival or have it scheduled for tomorrow and the thought of harvest … Continue reading “autumn memories”