So much dependson whether it was a red wheelbarrow or an orange cementmixer on whether it was glazed with rain water or shaded from the setting sun on whether there were several white chickens or just the one, escaped from the neighbour’s yard on whether it was early twentieth century industrial America or rural Spain … Continue reading “perspective”

different perspectives

Since my current poetical effort is being concentrated on a couple of applications for courses and polishing some old pieces for competition entries, I thought I’d post this, which I wrote years ago when I was first trying to get to grips with sonnets. Myopia I’ve lost my glasses, without which I’m blind as any … Continue reading “different perspectives”

moons and Junes and fairy tales

I’ve left it late again before writing this blog post. And I was wondering what on earth to post. Then I realised it’s the first blog post of June. And June, of course, rhymes with moon. Last night there was an eclipse of the strawberry moon, but that’s not where my thoughts went: as soon … Continue reading “moons and Junes and fairy tales”

sacred and secular

Today is Palm Sunday – the Sunday before Easter, when the Christian church remembers Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and the welcoming crowds strewing palm fronds in his path. In the UK, there are no native palms, so traditionally we use willow branches; I remember as a child picking branches of grey pussy … Continue reading “sacred and secular”

a bit of a blur

The year got off to a slow start for me. Business had slackened in the run-up to Christmas and the year was essentially over mid-way through December. Then we went through a strange kind of limbo over the holiday period: I knew there wouldn’t be many new projects coming in from clients, but I was … Continue reading “a bit of a blur”