kennels & cottages

Terraced cottages, Kenilworth, UK
Well, they are clearly cottages not kennels, but they are in Kenilworth – in the heart of England – and I thought they were worth taking pictures of.
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village scenes

I went for a brief walk this morning and was struck by how eminently English** everything seemed.

First of all, although not actually raining, it was so dark and wintry that the streetlights were on despite the fact it was nearly 10am:

street lamp and winter tree
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As I have nothing written and ready for posting, I offer these two splendid beasts from the storytelling bench at St Mary de Crypt in Gloucester and ask you to use your imagination to supply a suitable text:

lion (relief carving)
wyvern (relief carving)

“continuous as the stars that shine”

I’m still thinking about the perseids, but, even if I hadn’t dropped my camera and broken most of its functionalities, I don’t think it was ever good enough – and I am not skilled enough – to take worthwhile pictures of the night sky. Instead of the Milky Way and meteor scatter, then, the best I can do for a field of stars is these wildflowers that I saw last month in south west England:

english wildflowers

the wayside flower (green and pleasant)

It’s a cliché, but England really is green, and I was amazed at the exuberance of the plants and wild flowers growing on untended verges. There’s a tiny blue cornflower tucked in the among the yellow and red here, and I couldn’t believe how truly blue it was. Here in Spain, they seem to come in a shade of over-washed lilac.

wayside flowers, UK, July

Still, it was a Spanish wayside that inspired this vignette:

Poppy-petal butterflies ride
at anchor on a charlock sea,
while in the depths below
ox-eyed monsters lurk.

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