Olympics II

In keeping with my previous post, I am unaware whether the the Beijing Games have already finished or are just due to do so, although, despite news boycotts and a general head-in-the sand attitude, the information is filtering through that the end is nigh.

All along, the “Team GB” nomenclature has been irritating me and I have finally decided why. There’s more to it than the fact it just sounds silly.

Way back when I was at school, it was already considered vaguely imperialistic to refer to Great Britain – I think even the I’m Backing Britain campaign avoided explicit use of the word “Great”. In these days of political correctness, then, it seems a little tactless to draw attention to our imperialist history.

Mind you, if we are going to flaunt it, we might as well get it right. I don’t see any Northern Ireland team shown on the Olympic listings, so can only assume they are included in the “British” team. Which means that it should probably be Team UK: after all, the correct terminology is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Personally, I reckon “Team GB” is not politically correct on at least two levels and hope they’ll come up with a better name ready for 2012 – a year when I expect not to be travelling in the UK in August.

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