not all’s fair in love and Warrington

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Warrington. And now I have less interest than ever in going there.

According to this story in the Telegraph, it appears that “No-kissing signs have appeared in the taxi rank at Warrington Bank Quay Station” and that lovers are being forced to use “designated areas only”.

It seems odd that a place in the UK should be adopting such measures when it’s only a couple of weeks since the BBC published a report beginning “A court in India has dismissed criminal proceedings against a married couple charged with obscenity for allegedly kissing in public in the capital.”

In that story, “The police in Delhi had begun criminal proceedings against the couple for ‘sitting in an objectionable position near a metro (railway station) pillar and kissing due to which passersby were feeling bad’.”

I wonder what it is about railway stations that make people come over all passionate.

Actually, what amused me most about the Warrington story was the comment, “The no kissing signs are part of the £650,000 station refurbishment funded by Virgin Trains…” Perhaps they’re worried about having their name challenged under the Trades Descriptions Act.

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