plane speaking

I find it very strange – though in some ways, quite comforting – that one of the most popular trees in public gardens and plazas in this part of Spain is what I thought was a London plane. Perhaps even more strange is the fact that the Latin name is Platanus x hispanica. Why should a London plane be “hispanica“? Not to mention the questions arising concerning their relationship to plátanos, which is Spanish for bananas.

pruned plane trees
Pruned bananas?

Whatever the logic behind this geographical confusion, the local council gardeners were out with their axes today – yes, axes, not motosierras: this a village where the roadsweepers still use proper witches’ besoms – podando the trees along the route I take into the village.

I felt it might be distracting to take a photo of the guys themselves, who were, of course, just scrambling around up in the copas de los árboles with no safety harnesses or hard hats or anything, so I snapped the first section of their handiwork. Although all the trees in the photo are pruned, they didn’t get to the end of the row before knocking off for lunch.

I guess you could say: podaron lo que pudieron.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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