like a lamb

Well, we’ve reached the end of the month and the expression “February fill dyke” has never seemed more appropriate.

How March is to come in remains to be seen: last night, I thought it was going to come roaring like a lion, but today has been as mild a day as you could wish for. On a walk back from the village at lunch time I saw:

  • swallows: I don’t know how many it takes to make a summer in Spain, but there were several.
  • lizards: not the first of the season, but the first time this year that I have seen more than just the one.
  • a stork circling the church tower.
  • a bat: I thought for a moment it was another swallow, but there’s no doubt it was a bat, even though it was broad daylight.
  • a red admiral butterfly: who must have managed to weather the storms and was now enjoying the sunshine

I’m not sure I want March to come in like a lamb. In Spain they say, cuando Marzo mayea; luego Mayo marcea, and I’d rather the bad weather was all over, not due to start over again in two months’ time. Other Spanish refranes climáticos for March can be read here.

I don’t have a photo of any of today’s images of early spring, so will settle for posting this:

bats sleeping

Occasionally, bats used to roost in the garage here before we moved in. There were swallows’ nests in there, too, at one time, but I don’t think we’ve had any lodgers bigger than insects for a few years now.

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