hunter of dreams

close of up sculpture boar's eye

My neighbours may think I should be concerned about meeting wild boar(s) in the vecinity, but not all such meetings are to be feared.

The picture is a close up (full image below) of one such beast that I came across at the Feria de Arte in Arenas de San Pedro a couple of weeks ago and that I really wish I could have taken home with me.

life size wild boar sculpture

It’s a life-size sculpture by local artist Fernando Sánchez Blanco, and weighs in at around 400 kilos.

The realistic bristles are made of wires of different length and gauge, and the mouth – which is made up of forty different pieces – is basically a dental prosthesis in iron.

The whole thing took five months to complete and is absolutely magnificent – un monstruo tierno as Fernando describes him.

As for the post title, I’ve used all the puns and quotations that I could think of about pigs and swine, so was looking for something about hunting and found this by Sam Walter Foss:

The woods were made for the hunter of dreams, the brooks for the fishers of song.

As a writer writing about boar in the pine woods and, specifically, about a piece of art that seems a clear homage to the local wildlife, it seemed very apt.

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4 thoughts on “hunter of dreams”

    1. Thanks – though I’m only reporting, of course. I gather Fernando has a ceramics workshop over in Candeleda (Ávila) where he works with young people “con fracaso escolar” – high school drop outs – teaching them an artistic trade. I can imagine that creations like this (though this one isn’t ceramic) would be quite inspiring.


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