get off my lawn*

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I’ve just signed up for FaceBook as so many people seem to think it’s the best way to keep in touch. In particular, there are poets I want to be in contact with and it seems to be where they hang out.

(It’s true that I also have friends, including some poets, who loathe and detest the system and think I must be mad, but I hope they won’t ‘unfriend me’ in Real Life because of it.)

When you sign up, the system asks for your date of birth, the theory being that you will then be shown age-appropriate content and adverts. Presumably like the one shown here, which seems to be telling me I am too old for FaceBook.

Perhaps that’s why the ‘captcha’ screen I got offered when I wanted to send the first invite to a friend consisted of the words “poor biddies”. I wish I’d taken a screen shot, but I was simply too insulted.

The chances are I won’t have much opportunity to explore the system for the next couple of weeks as I’ll be travelling, and, once I do start to have a proper look at it, I may decide to abandon it, as I fear I may not like it at all.

I’m already rather taken aback that no one seems to add a personal message when they send out an invitation to be friends. Quite frankly, do I want to be friends with someone who can’t be bothered to take a moment and say a personal “hello”?

Of course, that may just be indicative of my age and attitude, and confirm that, yes indeed, I am too old for FaceBook.
* For those who don’t understand the reference, I’ll quote the UrbanDictionary explanation of the post-title phrase

1. get off my lawn
A tagline added to posts that reveal the author’s age, which is higher than he/she would otherwise care to admit. It plays on the cliché of the elderly yelling at kids who trespass on their lawns.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

5 thoughts on “get off my lawn*”

    1. Yeah, I think you even sent me a link to see your etchings – can’t have been anything as modern as a FaceBook photo gallery, surely? – but your account had been ‘deactivated’ before I had time to connect. I’m pretty sure you did include a personal message in the invite, though.

      Incidentally, I wonder if the people who send the auto-invites realise they’re contacting me in Spanish.


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