He comes to her at dawn,
sweet-nothings her awake
as he nuzzles past her ear,
whispering his desire, telling
how her sweat draws him, how
he would risk his life to serenade her,
to tangle through her hair and kiss
the smooth curve of her neck.

I’m not exactly bubbling over with new ideas at the moment, so I’m looking back over old notebooks and reviewing pieces that I never thought sufficiently polished to submit for comment and critique, let alone for publication. So this is still a draft, but it amuses me, as does the idea of writing a poem to a mosquito. Of course, if you’ve interpreted it as meaning something different, that’s your prerogative as reader.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

3 thoughts on “incubus”

  1. Incubus?

    Aren’t all mosquito’s capable of draining blood, female? Succubus, perhaps?

    Interesting to have a female serenade another one though.


    1. Instinctively I’d wanted to call it succubus, but didn’t do my natural sciences homework. (Biology was the first subject I dropped at school – I never got beyond the plant kingdom.)
      I should be able to reverse the roles and fix it in a re-write.
      (Don’t think female to female will work – not least because of lack of clarity resulting from only using pronouns – but will think about it. It would certainly add a whole new layer of meaning!)



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