religious education?

On a recent visit to Madrid I spotted the Colegio Arzobispal in the photo:

colegio arzobispal

I think it’s fairly obvious that not all the children who study there grow up to be archbishops, but do you have to have studied there to be considered a candidate for such a post?

It clearly is a school, not a theological college, as the yellow traffic sign in the wider view shows:

colegio arzobispal

The school traffic sign also implies it’s a mixed school, and I can’t decide whether the idea of there being little girls at the archbishop school is encouraging, or simply disconcerting.

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One thought on “religious education?”

  1. But don’t think too deep about it. The fight has been going on for a very long time. Now, instead of religion, they can have ethics.

    But it would be nice if they understood their own past, which, like it or not, here and all over the West, is largely religious.


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