male and female created he them

I posted a picture of what I mistakenly thought was a white laburnum a while back, and am amazed how many people have since turned up here after searching on that term.

It makes me think that other people may find this picture of male and female kiwi blossoms useful:

male kiwi flowers shown alongside female kiwi flowers

When I was trying to find out which of the kiwi vines was male and which female, I found lots of descriptions, but don’t remember seeing a picture that showed the two types of flower alongside each other.

In the photo, the male kiwi flowers are on the left. We had hundreds of blossoms on that vine this year. There were only a score of female kiwi flowers (the ones with the white centres on the right) on one of the other vines, and they opened a bit later. Now all the flowers have been destroyed by torrential rain, but at least some of the females seem to have set fruit.

Incidentally, I’m beginning to think the tag line for this blog should be changed to mostly pedantry and plants as I don’t seem to have had a poetic thought in weeks. Perhaps I should get the old notebooks out again and see what I can find to revise.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

4 thoughts on “male and female created he them”

  1. Hi,
    Do you know and can you tell me what variety of kiwi this is? It looks just like my male and in trying to find the matching female.
    Thanks so much 😄


    1. Sorry, I haven’t a clue. All I can tell you is that it’s growing in the Gredos foothills in central Spain, where kiwis seem to be gradually replacing a lot of the old vines.
      Are you sure that it actually matters what kind of female you plant? Perhaps your local nursery can advise whether they cross polinate between different varieties…
      And now I’ve just looked across on wikipedia and can add that it isn’t a golden kiwi and it isn’t a baby kiwi; I don’t know which cultivar of “fuzzy kiwifruit” it is. (The kiwi vines are now about three or four years old and although they fruited last year, they didn’t ripen properly and I can’t remember what they looked like when cut through.)
      Sorry I can’t be more help.
      Good luck finding a mate for your kiwi!!


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