spring is sprung

Well, Google tells me that it’s the first day of spring today, although to be honest, the sky is more wintry than I’ve seen it in weeks, if not months. So the photos aren’t from today – and they aren’t all from my garden – although they were all taken during the last week:

plum blossom
plum blossom
almond blossom
almond blossom

peach blossom
peach blossom

The apricot blossom has already withered and dropped and the quinces are covered in tiny silvery leaves but with no flowers. Most of the cherry buds are still tightly barnacled, and the pear and apple trees aren’t showing much sign of life; but there’s a puddle on the patio where the vine is weeping, a couple of furry beige-green buds are swelling on the kiwis and the fig has stretched out its first green witch fingernail.

To think that five years ago I didn’t know one tree from the next except when they were in full leaf.

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