small worlds

Reading about Makemake on the BBC reminded me of a poem I wrote back in 2006 when they demoted Pluto from planet to dwarf planet.

In the dog house

My Very Excellent Mother used to be
the soul of generosity, and her beneficence
a universally-acknowledged truth.
Around the world, students rejoiced
when they recalled that she
Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas.

But as time passes, so it seems, the universe
contracts; mom’s liberality is capped
and scientists decree that students
will make do with

I’m banished to my room. I must redo
my fourth grade science project.

At first sight, the name Makemake** also reminded me of the character BacBac played by Alexei Sayle in the TV movie of the Arabian Nights, which I used to have on video. Well, I may still have the tape, but the video recorder packed in years ago. Which is a pity as it was a marvellous production and if we have another wet autumn weekend it would be an ideal film to watch while couched out by the log fire.

Fortunately, it looks as if the weekend may be fine and we’ll be able to have a bonfire outside. Or several, given the huge drifts of leaves all around where the trees spread a red carpet for Persephone on her way to spend winter with Pluto in the underworld.

** The dwarf planet’s name comes from Polynesian mythology and discussion of the correct pronunciation can be read here.

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