rainy day break

This morning, I waited in the half-light for a bus that finally arrived 40 minutes late: there was no one about, and the only noise was the rain, an occasional car and a few birds. It gave me plenty of time to think, though it was too wet to get a notebook out to try and capture any of the ideas.

(I suppose I could record memos on my phone, but how you’re supposed to skim through an audio file later, I don’t know.)

Mind you, I actually believe that writing a thought down too soon can ‘fix’ it before it is ready, and I may carry a phrase or image round in my head for days or weeks, occasionally even years, before I finally anchor it to the page.

Perhaps I should keep these ideas on ice, then, until I have had time to mull them into shape, playing with the sounds in my head, tasting them, treading out their metre etc.; but it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything poetic to the blog, so I’m going to risk fixing them here. I hope one day they will find their way into a ‘proper’ poem; for the moment they are yet more ‘fragments’.

Westwards, along the High Street,
three by three, the street lamps
click to grey

A flock of starlings
strafe the village:
ka-kaow, ka-kaow, ka-kaow

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

6 thoughts on “grey’ku”

      1. It feels as though it’s always wet here of late. Today has been perfect weather…for shopping. Now all the gifts are bought I daren’t look at tomorrow’s forecast!


      2. I think it’s been lovely & sunny back in my Spanish village, but a change of setting is always good for new thoughts, or to give space for existing ones to develop, so I’m not complaining too much yet. (I expect the novelty of rain will wear off after a week or two, though.)


  1. Loved reading this – I carry fragments around for weeks and sometimes never use them, while other lines are fully written before I even know I have them… Thanks for sharing & be well~


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