taking notes

Yesterday I mentioned that I haven’t been writing recently. This is, of course, a lie: there are always fragments of ideas that get jotted down or filed away in memory until the right context and focus is found.

Those that remain in memory will surface sporadically, looking for something to connect to. And I’ll come across odd phrases scribbled on paper some time in the future when I’m clearing up and maybe type them onto the computer or add them to a file of papers where they are less likely to get lost.

Eventually some of them will link up and a poem may start to brew, or I may find a use for some of them alongside a photo here on the blog.
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come closer

At first sight, some things are all curvy, soft and dreamy, the sort of soft focus look used for attractive women on the early episodes of Star Trek.

But as you get closer you realise that’s not quite the whole story: you begin to see straight lines, edges and sharper outlines, and it all seems a bit scratchier – more like horse hair than angora.
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autumn birds

A gust of wind startles
all the yellow birds of autumn
from their treetop perches

The idea of autumn leaves as birds is a recurrent theme for me, and I’ve posted several variations on the blog over the years, though not that exact phrasing, I don’t think. But it isn’t just flying leaves that are notable at this time of year.
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shades of autumn

Sound of raindrops;
patter from the sky

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veiled thoughts

Thistledown and spider silk;
standing on the kitchen step
she combs sunshine
through her early-morning hair.


blue tears

wisteriablue-tiered wisteria
tumbles from the walls.

wisteriaAnd, once more, close-up consideration of flowers has me wishing I had studied differential geometry, topology, or perhaps just topiary.

april ‘ku

Bluebells under trees

Sunshine and showers
the woods are awash
with bluebells

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