another grey day

Yesterday’s post started with a black and white photograph of a dahlia. I took the picture because the flower was such a glorious colour – a bright and joyous pink. But when I took away the colours, I realised that the flower was still rather lovely.

So, since today is another grey day, and I have little to say, perhaps the thing to do is to look at some other fairly recent photos stripped of colour and see if that brightens things up.
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I’ve been feeling a little washed out for much of this week, so was interested to read on the BBC that there is likely to be a lot of ‘flu around this winter.

As it’s only mid September, I seem to be ahead of the game and hope that means I won’t have to go through this again later in the season.

One sentence in the article particularly caught my eye. (I note it has been corrected since I took the screenshot).

Screenshot from BBC "weekend immunity system"
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a sense of order

Occasionally, offices, hotels and bars choose books as a decorative element in their communal and public spaces, particularly if they have such a suitable setting and furniture as the room in the photo.

Of course, such lovely old shelves require a certain standard or style of books and, all too often, these are bought for the bindings rather than the content.
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in the pink

Last Sunday I went for a walk in the sunshine to find some autumnal images, which resulted in the photographs of edible and inedible berries gathered together in the autumn berries post.

But there were also lots of flowers around, most of them in shades of pink and purple.
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shadow play

I was never any good at art when I was a child: I think I stopped actually looking at things and relied on too many pre-conceptions about what I expected to see. For example, shadows were black. Well, I suppose I thought they might be different shades of grey, but they certainly weren’t blue, pink and orange.

coloured shadows
I suspect painting black shadows is a beginner’s mistake, like using clichés in poems instead of trying to look beyond the expectations and see things anew.
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brown study

collection of small brown objects
Well, it’s not the study itself that’s brown, but many of the small objects on the shelf are. Some are natural, others man-made; some were gifts, while others were picked up around the garden and elsewhere.
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colour me nostalgic

"Plaid" brand acrylic paint

Looking through the paints at the art shop the other day, I had to check the names closely as the plastic bottles made it hard to tell precisely which colour paint they might hold.

I found a ‘burnt sienna’, but the closest to ‘crimson lake’ was ‘berry wine’, and there was no ‘Prussian blue’ or ‘ochre’. I definitely think my childhood was the richer for having the old names – I don’t think I’d have liked to paint with ‘glazed carrot’ or ‘pumpkin’.

I was a bit taken aback, though, to find both the bottles in the photo labelled as “plaid”.

Having decided that they were actually black and white, I consulted the Scottish Register of Tartans, but still haven’t worked out which clan they might belong to.