socket it to me

EDIT: Of course the title should say socket to me. Having posted it with the typo in, though, I shall be honest and leave it “as is.”

When I travel, I still try and keep working, so am pleased that many trains now provide electrical sockets where I can plug in my computer.

The labelling of this one intrigued me, though:

power socket in train: "laptops and mobile phones only"
Can someone please enlighten me as to what other appliances people carry with them that they might be tempted to use while travelling by train?

With the awkward steps and doors – not to mention the dreaded ‘gap’ – and lack of space even for simple luggage, I’m assuming no one would try anything big like a washing machine or cooker; probably not even a microwave. So, what would it be?

  • A kettle? ( at over two quid for coffee from the trolley service, it might be a good idea.)
  • A travel iron? (Imagine you’re going to an interview and just want to spruce up before arriving.)
  • A hair dryer? (With the recent UK weather, that may not be such a bad idea.)
  • i newspaper front page 2/1/13

    Incidentally, yesterday’s i newspaper had a surprisingly reassuring front page.

    No, not the piece about how “being (a little bit) obese may be good for you”; even at this end of the festive season that doesn’t apply to me.

    Rather, it was the piece about rail fares that caught my eye. After the headline “Fair hikes make rail travel ‘an extravagance'”, there are four bullet points. The first three are as depressing as might be expected:

  • Increases of up to 10 per cent kick in today
  • Prices have risen ‘three times faster than wages’
  • England has the most expensive rail travel n Europe
  • but the fourth raised my spirits, albeit briefly:

  • English travellers pay far more than Welsh or Scots
  • Sadly, no one asked me my nationality when I bought my ticket in the morning, so I think I paid standard English rates.

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    2 thoughts on “socket it to me”

    1. Of things I’ve taken with me I can think of a few

      Shaver: When I’ve run low on decent blades.

      PDA: Though that may count as both Mobile and laptop.

      Personal Stereo: Always

      Alarm Clock: For sleeping through leaves on the line.

      Have also carried, but not used, a microwave and a tower PC/monitor.

      I’m very much in favour of the kettle though, especially if I don’t have to drink the ubiquitous Kenco.


      1. I would be less than impressed if the guy next to me on the train started to shave. (At least if it were with a cut-throat razor it might add a certain edge to an otherwise uneventful journey.)

        PDA and personal stereo would surely be close enough to be allowable, and my alarm clock is my phone anyway. But you have made me realise they may be trying to discourage the use of ghetto blasters.

        As for the coffee, pretty much the only time Starbucks get my custom is on trains and planes. Fortunately the guy at the refreshments trolley doesn’t insist on taking your name before you can order and they only serve one standard size. They also don’t use those ungrammatical napkins.


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