garden gnomes (Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs) on shop shelf

Having found this tiny Snow White amongst a veritable army of dwarfs in a local store, I was going to call this post “size matters”.

I’d probably have gone on to talk about the poor thing slaving away to cook and clean simply because she was terrified of the monsters she lived with. But perhaps female subjugation isn’t a very nice subject to treat so superficially, so I did a quick search on trivia associated with the film to see what else I could write.

Over on IMDB, I found that the certification of the original Disney film was controversial: although The British Board of Film Censors gave the film an A-certificate because they thought the enchanted forest and the witch were too frightening for younger audiences, most local authorities overrode the censor’s decision and gave the film a U-certificate.

In fact, it seems as if the censors knew what they were talking about and many of the young audiences wet themselves in fear. I can only wonder what would have happened if the dwarfs had been giants.

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8 thoughts on “u-certificate”

  1. También encontré hace tiempo en una de esas tiendas de todo a cien, unas figuritas de El Gordo y el Flaco -que es como se conocen en España al dúo de cómicos Laurel & Hardy- en las que el Flaco era más gordo que el Gordo.


    1. Ja! Has reconocido la tienda -o, al menos, el tipo de tienda-.
      Aquí “el Chino” es la tienda más grande del pueblo y se puede pasar una mañana entera allí. ¡Ojalá pusiesen una cafetería!
      En la misma sección de la tienda, he resistido sacar fotos de los platitos para poner debajo de las macetas, todos con la etiqueta “prato”.


  2. If you wanted controversial, you could always go back to the original tale where the Queen wanted to eat Snow White to gain her beauty – and it really wasn’t just a kiss that the Prince used to wake her…

    Then again, Disney’s view on Mother’s is far worse than its view on its little princesses: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roles_of_mothers_in_Disney_media

    Snow White herself isn’t innocent, leaving all her work to emotionally blackmailed fauna, while her seven admirers mine diamonds for her – with her abusive stepmother being made to dance in hot iron shoes towards the end.

    Less fah-lah-lah and more: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6lo0z65Vu1qe38d6o1_400.jpg



    1. If I’d wanted controversial, I might have seen where the original idea led me.

      But that might simply have ended up with me admitting that I don’t understand the attraction of garden gnomes of any type, not just the cheap ones, and wondering whether it’s the trauma of being left in a garden populated by such monstrosities that makes the neighbour’s dog bark day and night.

      Why do people put such nasty things in the gardens of their expensive houses? (And why don’t they realise that their dogs disturb the whole neighbourhood?!)


    1. Sadly, we already know that the poems you would write are not the poems I would write, so that’s one you’ll have to write yourself.
      (Alternatively, you can take note of how you seem to have lost your profile pic and take it as an indication that WordPress reckons you really are “just a random internet commentor”!!)


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