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bread label (spanish)

One of the basic foods that I miss when in Spain is bread.

They do eat plenty of bread here, but it’s mostly white – a sort of faux baguette – and has no more flavour than I would expect from cotton wool or cardboard.

Other than the incredibly expensive pan artesano on sale in the village square some Saturdays, there is, however, one type of bread here that I like.

Since I buy it at the cut-price supermarket, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s cooked from frozen dough rather than made on the premises. It’s labelled as pan 6 cereales – six cereal bread. I was a little taken aback, though, when I read the ingredients list more closely:

harina de trigo, agua, cereales y semillas (25%) (mijo pelado, lino marrón, harina de centeno, pipas de girasol, sésamo, sémola de trigo, harina de arroz, trigo triturado, trigo sarraceno, lino dorado, masa madre de centeno), levadura, gluten de trigo, sal, mejorante panario (harina de trigo, agente de tratamiento de la harina (E-300)), harina de malta tostada.

Contiene gluten y sésamo. Puede contener trazas de soja, pescado, cacahuete y frutos de cáscara, leche, huevo, altramuces, y sus derivados.

Puede presentar restos de chocolate y derivados.

I think what that says is:

wheat flour, water, cereals and seeds (25%) (peeled millet, brown flax, rye flour, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, semolina, rice flour, shredded wheat, buckwheat, golden flax, rye starter), yeast, wheat gluten, salt, bread improver (wheat flour, flour treatment agent (E-300)), roasted malt flour.

Contains gluten and sesame. May contain traces of soya, fish, peanuts and nuts, milk, egg, white lupin, and their derivatives.

May contain traces of chocolate and derivatives.

In other words, I may be eating tuna and chocolate sandwiches. No wonder it tastes so good.

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