clap your hands

Do the children of today believe in fairies? Do they know they should be caught in flight and the wish will only come true if the “fairy” – the seed – is still at the heart of the thistledown?

Last week, I found a veritable fairy factory along by the river, although most of them hadn’t yet left the plant – pun very much intended – so they weren’t quite ready to grant any wishes:

Now I’m off to find a copy of Peter Pan to re-read. And although I’m afraid I gave away my copy of Charlotte’s Web years ago, maybe I can track down the ballooning spiderlings scene online.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

4 thoughts on “clap your hands”

  1. The children today believe in their commercialised, waif-like, racially diverse fairies – but not as much in the flower ones. By now, they’ll have been told that there are no such things, and that it’s just a seed cycle that they must respect as the last generation is already killing them off – or some such.

    But you can still see the wonder in their eyes as they chase a bubble for the first time.


  2. Yet children can be stubornly children, if we let them. If they can be their own selves many meters away from an electricity source, be it cabled or portable, there is some chance. Nowadays we may be forcing them to become adults, but only focusing the action in showing them a consumer and hedonistic way life. Allowing them to dress like adults, allow them to go to discos, drink strong spirit mixed drink and the all present sex. My mother complained yesterday about one of her grandsons. The boy went to a doctor to have a few warts surgically removed with localized anestehesia. He shouted and swore like a creature of one of those underworld labirinth video games and the doctor’s neighbors complained. It was just a shot of anesthetic and afterwards no pain. Not too long ago one of my cousins girls needed as much as five nurses to treat the child in the Torrelodones hospital because of the fear of pain mixed with unreal monster fear. The little child also insulted better than an adult because she had no measure of what she was saying. She was politely encouraged to leave hospital because the shouting and howling of this 5 year old could be heard as far as the hospital’s entrance.


    1. There will soon be very few places where you can actually disconnect from phone & web networks, and smart phones and tablets make such wonderful babysitters while parents are busy amongst themselves…
      As for the language, I was shocked when I first came to Spain and heard children cussing their grandparents. I’m afraid I’d probably be equally shocked in the UK now.


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