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For another hour or so, it’s St Andrew’s Day. Not only is he the patron saint of Scotland, but also of Russia, the Ukraine, Greece, Romania and a lot of other places; apparently he’s also patron of fishermen, fishmongers and ropemakers.


For those who think that photo’s not very Scottish, here’s a giant thistle:
 Giant thistle
Of course the post title has no connection to Scotland, or St Andrew, but some readers will recognise it as a quotation from Eeyore, who was quite fond of thistles.

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2 thoughts on “here today”

  1. I know it’s a bit out of tune, just a bit. Did you know that a cheese curding agent can be made out of thistle pistiles? It’s made very much like safron. You pick it up at dawn, dry it and very lightly toast to preserve it . When needed a tea is made and added to warm fresh milk. It is used for the soft tasty and sometimes smelly cheese you find in northeastern Portugal (Sierra da Estrela) and in southwestern Spain (Torta del Casar de Cáceres)


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