Light snow on the common
This morning, the sun is shining and the sun is clear. It’s a little windy, but most people would think it was a perfect day to wrap up warm and go for a walk. Here I am, though, sitting at my computer updating my blog with a picture taken earlier in the week.

It was a couple of days ago and it was the first real snow I’ve seen this season. Those wonderful, slow, downy flakes that fall when Mother Carey shakes up her feather mattress.

I suspect many people hurried to get home before it settled (pitched, lay, drifted, stuck or any of the other words we Brits like to bicker over at this time of year) and many who were at home put off going out.

I, on the other hand, as the photo shows, decided this was not to be missed and went for a walk: the snow managed what the sunshine seldom does and drew me from my desk in the middle of the afternoon.

Thinking about how the sun and the snow both call to me, but the snow is the one I answer to, I was reminded of Aesop’s Fable about the sun and the North wind arguing who was the strongest. They see a man walking along the road and the sun suggests whichever of them can make the man take off his cloak is the stronger. Of course when the wind blusters and howls, the man just pulls his cloak more tightly about him. When the sun shines, though, he soon takes the cloak of.

The moral of the story is, apparently, that persuasion is better than force, but I’ve always reckoned it shows that if you are nice enough to people, you can get them to take their clothes off.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

5 thoughts on “persuasion”

  1. Snow changes the landscape. The light is brighter even on a cloudy day. Some things are hidden by the snow, others placed in sharper contrast, and the snow bears the tracks of everyone and everything, recording their passage, the past suddenly visible. How could you stay in your house when there is so much to suddenly see?


    1. For a moment there I thought I saw “snow bear tracks”, which would have been worth going out for.

      I assume you have a snow’ku with “the past is visible” in it? Mind you, I am tempted to steal it anyway!

      Tnx for visiting and leaving your print here.


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