I came across some old photos yesterday, which is just as well, as my mind is a blank and at least they give me something to post.

rubbish strewn street.
I have been meaning to write this post since yesterday morning and the few thoughts I’ve had are rubbish.
rubbish strewn street

A.A. Milne wrote of The Pleasure of Writing:

[W]hen I have a new nib in my pen, then I can go straight from my breakfast to the blotting paper, and a new sheet of foolscap fills itself magically with a stream of blue-black words.

But although I have a new cartridge of ink in the printer, it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

Perhaps I should go and find a pen and try writing by hand. Then again, life was simpler for Milne. I wonder what sort of writing implement he would choose if he were alive today.

pens on sale

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4 thoughts on “blank”

  1. I find that my thoughts flow more freely with pen in hand – having the right pen, the one that feels right to you and writes well on the paper you choose – makes all the difference. I thought I had written a blog post on my favorite pens, although there are many posts out there on the topic. My obsession has only built over the years. Collecting pens, colors, mediums – I find that the fancy pens seem awesome, but when it comes down to it, a fast pen with reliable ink is best. Gel, glittery, sparkly, hold great appeal – but they smudge and smear and are really best {for me!} to use in very small doses – on the margins of the pages when I re-read. I also tend to grip my writing instruments tightly when I get deep in the writing flow, so I get bigger-barreled pens to help ease the pain in my hands from writing. Currently on my journal in front of me is a green Pentel WOW pen…but I think I’ll be blogging on this today. Thanks for the reminder {and the prompt!} — and I hope it helps you find a new medium to find the words you want to use :-)


      1. I always thought palimpsest should be the superlative form of an adjective: some of my notebooks are definitely palimpser than others.

        Even when words fade, others tend to turn up eventually to replace them. Anyway, presumably they are all still in my head somewhere. And if not, they must (mostly) be in the dictionary!!

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