Among the flower photos in last Sunday’s post was this one, which I had mistakenly thought might be magnolia, but then identified as dogwood.

Yellow tree flower:When I found out what it was, I was surprised to read of the flowers turning white. I thought that must be a specific type of dogwood, not necessarily the one in the local park. Still, I went back to look and found that, yes, the tree that I had originally thought looked as if it was covered in brimstone butterflies is now quite different.

The flowers are a little the worse for wear after so many spring storms, but we’ve had a lot of sunshine, too. Shall I blame the rain for having washed the colour away, or the sun for bleaching them?

white dogwood flowers

Author: don't confuse the narrator

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2 thoughts on “whitewash”

    1. I think half the fun of writing the blog is that I learn new things when I research the posts. “Dogwood” is such a familiar name, but I’d never wondered what it was like – unless I thought it was like a dog-rose, perhaps.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting – and for following the blog updates!

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