carved wooden lion

Tomorrow is the first day of August and we’re well into the period corresponding to the astrological sign of Leo. So I’m posting a photo of this rather lovely – and, I think, benignly superior and suitably august – lion, which I found in one of the local churches.

I was brought up in the UK, and school friends born under the signs of Cancer and Leo had summer birthdays: even if we hadn’t actually broken up for the holidays, there was an end-of-term, sports-day atmosphere and the chances were that parties would be held in gardens or parks.

summer wildflowers

It never occurred to me then that if we’d been living in the southern hemisphere these sunny signs – the seaside crab and the golden-maned lion – would have meant winter birthdays: on the opposite side of the world, the brightest and sunniest sign of all, which for me always conjures thoughts of sun-flowers, marigolds and other many-petalled yellow blooms, is probably associated with snow and bitter cold.

yellow daisy
Perhaps it’s as well that the dandelion may flower at any time of year. Here’s a photo I took – here in the UK – on Christmas day a couple of years ago:


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