empty beech mast on a stone wall

I usually manage to post on this blog twice every weekend – once on Saturday and once on Sunday; the actual time at which I make the posts is quite erratic, although recently it has tended to be quite late in the day. Yesterday, though, I was out for most of the day and completely lacking in inspiration and energy by the evening.

I dabbled with the idea of simply posting the top picture under the title “life’s a beech”, or the next one with the title “old chestnuts”, but I didn’t feel either was sufficient.

chestnutI’m still tempted by the former as a title but, looking back, I find I have already used the latter. Surprisingly, it was for a spring post; my current mood is – like the weather and the season – decidedly autumnal.

Nor can I think of any new autumnal poems that might go well with the images, so the piece below is a repost. It has horse chestnuts rather than sweet chestnuts, which provides the excuse for the mis-spelled post title.

What Have I Got in my Pocket?

Paper and pen for making notes
of people, thoughts and random quotes
– things seen and heard around the town;
a conker, smooth, mahogany brown,
picked up while walking in the park,
now lying snugly in the dark
beside a card with a friend’s address on
and scribbled notes for my next lesson;
Swiss army knife; a mobile phone –
for breakdowns when I’m on my own;
a hanky edged with handmade lace;
no glasses, just an empty case;
a wooden key fob and bunch of keys;
a hole, through which slip memories.

Perhaps if I get this posted relatively early today, I’ll have time to find more inspiration and manage to do better later.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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