Coventry Cathedral St Michael and the Devil

Some say that God is in the details. Others say it’s the Devil.

The second version gives me an excuse to use the photo of Epstein’s Michael on the wall of Coventry Cathedral to start this post. It is, after all, rather more difficult to take a photo of God.

I’m fond of photographing details, though, and have a few recent pictures to share. First of all, from one of the beautifully frosty mornings we had this week. (I think we could go so far as to say it was a sharp frost.)

thistle leaf edged with frost

Last weekend, though, was the same sort of blear, grey day that we have today. It was considerably milder but, even so, I was surprised to see a tree in blossom in the local churchyard.

White blossom with church behind

In fact, turning to face away from the church, the scene was almost spring-like:

White blossom

Which brings us back to who or what is in the details. I suspect it’s like the glass half full or half empty question: it all comes down to perspective.

Before I settled on the title Lens, this poem was to be called Perspectives:

lens poem by Gwyneth Box with picture of lizard by Lance Tooks

It’s taken from my collection Around the Corner from Hope Street, which, along with three other of my books is currently free to download from Amazon.

Find them all via my Amazon author’s page – and if you enjoy them, please leave a review. Thank you!

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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