again and again


We humans are creatures of habit. We are comforted by familiarity.

We visit the same places, we think the same thoughts, we tell the same stories; and – if I’m anything to go by – we take the same pictures again and again.

poppyI’m not sure why I go on taking pictures of poppies, when I know that I have dozens, if not hundreds on file already. They are glorious flowers, but my skill at photography doesn’t seem to be sufficient to do them justice.


Indeed, the photos I took this morning don’t seem to be any better than the ones I have taken in the past, so rather than posting them, I have gathered together some of the best I have.

Giant poppy close up

Most of the time, whatever the weather and light conditions, a point-and-click technique just doesn’t seem to work with the intense red of the flowers. This, then, remains one of my favourite poppy pictures, and a suitable one to end on.

poppy seed heads

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