on a theme

yellow star-shaped flower

Although all the images in this post have something in common, I’m not sure that they are, strictly speaking, variations on a theme. That, I think, would imply that the theme had been chosen and the photos taken to illustrate it.

What really happened was that I was looking through the mass of photos I have taken recently trying to find connections: it was a post hoc selection, not premeditated.

yellow pansy

welsh poppy

yellow daisy-like flowers


The challenge now is to find a poem with yellow flowers in.

There are always daffodils, of course, but those are really too firmly linked to early spring to work alongside pictures taken in July.

I suspect mimosa flowers rather earlier in the year, too, but since I’ve never posted this piece on the blog, it seems like a good time to get it out of the archives and dust it down:

Carabanchel Alto

Here balconies are caged

and the sun hesitates

to creep through gritted glass.

Broken panes
 gash bolt-holes
in the gloom. 
Wax flowers fade

and grey geraniums
 give up
their ghosts,

by the rainbow 
on the walls.

Mimosa trembles in the square.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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