lost landscapes


Well my time as poet in residence at the local TEDx event has been and gone. It was an interesting experience and did mean I had to actually produce some new poems.

I already had a lot of pieces that would have fitted the theme of home, but it wasn’t a question of reading old poems, but of creating newer pieces that documented the event and complemented the talks in some way.

red brick city tenement

The pieces I actually read are more performance poetry than my usual writing and definitely need a bit of polish.

I did, however produce a couple in the run up to the event which didn’t see the light of day on stage. This is one of those:

Fade to blue

Observe the lost spaces of landscapes that shaped us:
they fade as we watch. Bright painted icons
on doors of neat houses melt in our memories
to the palest of pastel, or bob on a wave out of reach –
driftwood afloat on the tides of our minds.

Observe the vague faces of classmates –
those friends from our childhood – how fleeting!
The neighbourhood streets where we tricked
and we treated, now cheated of detail,
the pictures retreat to a monochrome Polaroid blur.


Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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