coming up empty

antique glass bottles on a cast iron mantelpiece

They say that one of the best ways to actually ensure you carry out a commitment is to make it public, which is presumably why there is always so much fuss and discussion of New Year’s resolutions: the theory is that if you tell everyone you’re giving up drinking or going on a diet, etc., you’ll lose face if you fail to follow through.

Perhaps it’s true, too, that if you make your aspirations public and tell everyone how high you are aiming, they may be supportive and try and help you achieve your aims.


Back on January 1st, I stated my intention to update the blog at weekends and bank holidays, but this wasn’t meant to be a “resolution” and I wasn’t particularly looking for support, nor for accountability.

Having said it, though, it is particularly annoying that the last couple of weeks have provided neither time nor inspiration for writing.

I have been more than usually distracted by work and other things, and my notebooks and files seem to be full of nothing but dead wood.

old wood

I guess I’m hoping this is only a temporary situation and that I’ll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.

road tunnel

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