more flowers, fewer words

Recent posts seem to have been quite text heavy – somewhere around six or seven hundred words each for the last six posts. So perhaps it’s time to fall back on photos again, especially given the season and the fact we’ve had some decent weather and I’ve had a fair number of opportunities to take pictures.

ornamental daisies

Despite the fact that, as I write this, the church bells seem to be playing “deck the halls”, with the May trees in bloom and daisies – including these fluffy ornamental ones – growing thick and fast, I think summer must be very close.


All these photos have been taken in the UK in the last few weeks. They haven’t all been taken with the same camera – though I have cropped and slightly tweaked almost all of them – which makes me wonder why I bother with anything more complicated than a phone as that seems to do perfectly adequate snaps and I always have it with me.

prunus blossom

That prunus blossom, for example, is a phone photo. It’s true, though, that that is a very cropped down version of the original, so perhaps I will persevere and try and remember how to do “real” photography.

white ornamental blossom

apple blossom buds

apple blossom

apple blossom

white ornamental tree blossom

cow parlsey

Finally, just a reminder that not all plants are at the young-and-fresh, burgeoning-with-life-and-enthusiasm stage. Although that doesn’t necessarily make them any less beautiful.

dandelion clocks

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