snakes and lions


It’s April, but we don’t seem to be enjoying Chaucer’s “shoures soote” – the sweet showers that bring forth spring flowers. Yes, the parks and gardens are bright with blossoms and blooms aplenty, but the weather is as changeable as it has ever been.

I haven’t actually seen snow here this month, but there’s been hail and temperatures below zero, as well as heavy rain, brilliant sunshine, strong winds and days of constant grey sky and mizzle.

Today, though, I think it’s been a full 48 hours since it rained, and there was enough sunshine to tempt the dandelions into the dazzling display pictured above.

But it’s only a few days since I saw a single snake rear its head above the limp splayed greenery and browning petals of daffodils after heavy frosts.

Of course there’s not much can be done about the weather: it is what it is and complaining won’t change it. We might as well accept it with a smile.


While others bundle and bunch
under umbrellas, shrug
into pak-a-macs and hunch deep
into their collars, their faces
scrunched, gurning
against the elements, she
pokes tongues
at raindrops and laughs
glitter from her hair.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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