frustrated plans

May blossom

During this coronavirus lockdown, times and dates have become less important than they sometimes are for many of us.

For those who have been furloughed, normal office hours are irrelevant, while for those who are working from home, even early morning meetings seem to start later – the breakfast meetings I attend are at 9 instead of 7am – and since there’s no commuting time, there’s no need to set an alarm clock.

Even so, clocks are still a major part of the scenery on my daily walks.

dandelion clocks

Other plants are busy with their spring growth, too, including the hawthorn, which is decking the hedgerows in flowers and tight little pompom buds like those in the top photo, reminding me that even if the days are almost indistinguishable one from another, the months are passing by and May will soon be upon us.

The lockdown is scheduled to continue at least until May 7th, and quite probably, in one way or another, for some time beyond that.

old padlock and chain

Obviously everyone has had to cancel plans and activities, but after being unable to visit my mother for her birthday last week, I thought I’d take a quick look at other events and activities I have had to remove from my calendar for the next week or two. They included:

  • A Friday night rehearsal session here at home with musician friends.
  • An open mike night where said friends and I were going to present some of the poetry and music we’ve been working on over the last year.
  • Another monthly open mike event, which I would probably have been hosting.
  • A live lit event for a local literary festival.
  • A day helping on a stall selling books by local authors at the local literary festival.
    It was good, then, to be asked by a friend if I wanted to be involved in an online literary performance – “Words in the lockdown”.

    So far I haven’t had any more information than to know that it’s likely to involve several readers and result in a video on YouTube. I’ll post a link to it when it happens and in the meantime I have to try and think of some “uplifting or amusing” words to share.

    The music and words performances are going to have to wait a bit longer. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something might be possible in July.

    Double bass neck

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