staying safe

old bolt and padlock

Yesterday I wrote about the experience of travelling on public transport during the pandemic and about how inconvenient it is to wear a face mask.

Of course any rational human can listen to the arguments and understand how important face masks are, both for our own protection and for the protection of others. And, when I travelled last weekend, most people seemed to have accepted the official advice and be abiding by the recommendations.

I did feel rather sorry for this poor creature, though, who, with her offspring, had been dressed up in full PPE and presumably had no idea why.

guide dogs for the blind collection box wrapped in plastic

She really didn’t look very happy about it and I do hope she suffers no long-term ill effects.

guide dogs for the blind collection box wrapped in plastic

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2 thoughts on “staying safe”

    1. Heh. Yes, there were so many other signs and scenes I wished afterwards that I’d taken pictures of, but I was rushing along trying not to breathe or be breathed on. This one, though, cried out and demanded to be photographed. I’m glad I wasn’t asked to do the wrapping up.

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