berry bright

wasp feeding on red berries

It seems that autumn is nearly upon us. Certainly the weather is no longer very summery. The rain is torrential and the gusting wind makes thinking almost impossible. Even when the wind chases the clouds away and allows the sun full rein [sic] there is little warmth in the sunshine.

But clearly there is enough warmth and sunshine to have started to ripen all the autumn berries, as I found on my walk today.

These giant rose hips were big enough to be mistaken for tomatoes, though I doubt they’d taste quite as nice.

giant rose hips

The blackberries growing along by the railway look a little dry and pippy. I don’t think they’d make very good jam, even if I could beg, borrow or scrump some apples from the neighbour’s tree.


At first glance, this might be a lone blackberry or a loganberry, but I have been assured it’s a mulberry. There aren’t many on the tree now, though whether they’ve been eaten by the birds or by other people who walk through the church garden, I don’t know.


I’ve been told that honeysuckle berries are poisonous, so perhaps it’s just as well they always look a little manky.

honeysuckle berries

These berries looked very tempting, though. Despite their colour, I think they must be black bryony, which I’m pretty sure is also poisonous, so I resisted temptation.

black bryony berries

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