flowers & fences

yellow flower and chain link fence

Yesterday, I ended the blog post with a photograph of rose hips craning their necks to reach between the uprights of a black iron fence. It made me think just how many such photos I have, of flowers and fences.

I don’t actually have many photos of anything on the computer I’m using at the moment – they are mostly copied off onto an external drive- But even among the few that I can access quickly, I have found enough to confirm that, as a general rule, plants appear to want to escape the caged confines that humans impose on them.

michaelmas daisy and iron fence

It really does seem unfair to imprison such beautiful creatures, doesn’t it?

It won’t do much good to the plants themselves, or go any way towards obtaining their liberation, but their struggle is honoured here today.

rose hips and metal fence

Of course, the real reason for wanting to celebrate their struggle is in order to brighten up my day and brighten up the blog pages.

ragwort and peeling iron fence

I think it’s been a while since I posted any poetry, so here’s a very old piece about constraints, although here it’s not a plant that is confined.

The spaces between

The heart nests in the bone tree.
She chatters idly, then sings
when the sun touches her. In spring
she seeks a mate, peeping
from behind a complex foliage
of words and silences.

rosebay willow herb and chain link fence

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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