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map showing reach of students on Udemy

As anyone who sees this on a desk top and looks beyond the posts to the surrounding information will have realised, I do a lot of writerly things other than this blog. There’s the Modern Pagan Prayers project, other books and author mentoring, as well as online courses and occasional workshops.

Apart from the workshops and book mentoring, which actually need me to show up in person, most of the activities can just tick over without any input, so it’s all fairly relaxed: I don’t go out of my way to market the books and courses – they just sit somewhere online and get found (or not). So, occasionally, I receive a small quantity of “passive income”.

I also get updates about new blog followers, book sales and course sign ups. So I know that, this week, I reached a total of 2000 students on Udemy.

2000 students on Udemy

In fact, looking closer, I find that I have 2,000 students, in 101 countries, speaking 25 different languages.

map showing reach of students on Udemy

Amazon don’t provide such interesting stats and maps. But the Modern Pagan Prayers books are available on KDP select, so it’s always fun to see how many people have read how many pages through their subscription. It isn’t really possible to connect the book sales back, though I suspect that there must be people who like the pages they read and decide to actually buy a copy to own.

Kobo do provide maps for sales. And the books I have there – particularly the ones I wrote as David Aston – have sold in some faraway places: Bangladesh, Nepal, Swaziland and, perhaps the most exotic, – that dot in the middle of the ocean on the right of the map – The United States Minor Outlying Islands.

Kobo book sales map

If you happen to know the person out there who bought a copy of The Cat’s Miaow by David Aston, I’d really like to thank them in person.

Waverley and the pie. Image from The Cat's Miaow by David Aston

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