a rose for summer

Apparently the summer solstice and the full moon coincide tonight, so here’s a white rose – a rose for summer and white for the moon.

white rose

White roses always make me think of this line in Laurie Lee’s Home From Abroad:

The hedges choke with roses fat as cream.

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endings and beginnings

About ten days ago I was running to catch a bus to get to a meeting when I passed a huge may tree in full bloom. I hadn’t time to do more than pause and then rush on, but I thought it’d be a good idea for the last blog post of this month: how we have two bank holidays in May, and yet neither of them are May Day; how the English say Ne’er cast a clout till May be out – whether that be the month of May or the blossom – while the Spanish with their far balmier climate say hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo – don’t take off your coat till the 40th of May; how taking may blossom into the house is supposed to bring bad luck…

Of course, I then forgot to go back and take the picture.

This morning I went across the park and there are plenty of trees and other plants in bloom, but I didn’t find any hawthorn.

The park was frothing at the hedges with cow parsley:

cow parsley
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power, pronouns and personal hygiene

In the glass beside the sink
my toothbrush
kisses yours.

I don’t think that counts as a haiku, as brushing one’s teeth is neither nature-related nor a seasonal activity; perhaps, though, it could be classed as a senryu – similar to a haiku but focused on human foibles. Either way, it is one of the pieces in Poems from the pueblo. Haiku and assorted fragments, which is currently available to download free from Amazon.
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for a short time only

"Around the Corner from Hope Street" by Gwyneth BoxI’m going to be making my books available to download free from Amazon for a limited period. The first to be available will be Around the Corner from Hope Street, a poetry collection illustrated by graphic artist Lance Tooks, which will be free for the five days from Wednesday April 13th until Sunday April 17th.
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this time it’s personal

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la Inmaculada

Tiepolo: inmaculada concepción
Although I now spend most of my time in the UK, I still work with people in Spain and – due mostly to the lack of response to my phone calls – I am very conscious of the fact that today is a fiesta.

In fact it’s the fiesta de la inmaculada concepción – celebrating the immaculate conception of Mary, mother of Jesus.
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windy days

It’s been terribly blustery this weekend – the type of weather that tends to blow all ideas out of my mind and prevents me from focusing. It does, however, provide a good excuse to post a picture I took last spring of a wind flower – a wood anemone.

wind flower; wood anemone
It’s also an excuse to post a poem that seems to be new to the blog, although I think it was written back in 2002.
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