case closed

In fact, not just a case, but a whole lot of baggage.

Two old trunks and a suitcase
It was an old case, although, given the weather, not a cold case.
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baggage tag

A full two weeks after it went missing, my suitcase has been returned to me and I have been reunited with my dirty washing.

I have no idea where the case went in the meantime, although at one point I was told that they were looking for it “in eight different airports”. I think it must have gone a long way away, though, as the baggage tag labelled “RUSH” is dated the 7th of December and today is the 15th.

When it first went missing, I started to compile a list of the contents in a spreadsheet in case I needed to claim for them. When I’d reached some hundred items, I began to wonder whether it was all so densely packed that it had caused a singularity in the space time continuum and the case had imploded under its own gravitational pull like a black hole. It was, after all, only a small case.
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