nice bright colors

Do you remember when films shown at the cinema were proudly brought to us in Glorious Technicolor?

What about when Simon and Garfunkel sang to us about Kodachrome:

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day.

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purple pictures

camera fault: bad image

I really do need that new camera if I am to stop taking pictures like the one on the left. Though what it will take to stop me writing purple prose is anybody’s guess.

I also need it so I can take better pictures than the one below (which comes from the same set as the previous one). After all, if the local area provides me with such wonderful subjects, it would be nice to be able to do them justice.


Not that getting a new camera will make me a better photographer, of course, but it shouldn’t make me any worse.

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