English countryside in summer
Eight months after moving house, I have finally bought an ironing board. Wilko, in their wisdom, describe it – along with so many of their cheaper products – as “functional”. I suppose that has to be better than dysfunctional.

Today is bright and breezy, a good drying day, if only I had a garden to hang the washing in. I don’t, though, so perhaps I won’t bother with such domestic pursuits, and the ironing board can continue in its packaging while I go out and enjoy the sunshine.
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the afterwash

Washing hanging on the line
After travel comes washing. As I hung out the second load this morning, I remembered this short poem from a few years ago.


Wind paunches the belly
of a wifebeater while
blue-black denims drip.
The kitchen drain belches suds
and she ponders ironing
white collars.

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