star feature

It’s that time of year again, when the Earth passes through the tail of a comet and our skies light up with shooting stars. (They aren’t stars in the photo, of course; I don’t think they’re even moon daisies: but daytime weeds are a lot easier to photograph than the sky at night.)

In the village in Spain, you only had to step outside onto the lawn and look up, and there was the Milky Way speckle-splashed across the sky as if someone had flicked a paintbrush from one side of the valley to the other.
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april ‘ku

Bluebells under trees

Sunshine and showers
the woods are awash
with bluebells

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books and other stuff

Castles in Spain anthology. Purchase page Sportula.esIt’s April 23rd and that means there’s lots to celebrate. For much of the planet, it’s International Book Day, although the UK and Ireland have already celebrated that back on March 3rd. Perhaps they thought it was too complicated to have so many things happening on St George’s Day. (I’m not sure why that would affect anyone except the English, and as they don’t tend to do a lot to mark their patron saint’s day, even for them, it’s not really a strong argument.)
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power, pronouns and personal hygiene

In the glass beside the sink
my toothbrush
kisses yours.

I don’t think that counts as a haiku, as brushing one’s teeth is neither nature-related nor a seasonal activity; perhaps, though, it could be classed as a senryu – similar to a haiku but focused on human foibles. Either way, it is one of the pieces in Poems from the pueblo. Haiku and assorted fragments, which is currently available to download free from Amazon.
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another day

Once more, the Internet informs: apparently today is International Haiku Poetry Day.**


Since haiku should include a kigo – a seasonal allusion – I shall include some seasonal photos in this post.
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spring again – again

It was a dull day in the park yesterday, but amid the grey there were a couple of brighter images: there were a few pools of daffodil yellow and the willows along by the river were gauzy with green, waiting for day or two of sunshine to turn them into a mass of caterpillar catkins.

Willow trees in spring time

There was also this magnificent flower which I think must be a Helleborus Orientalis hybrid, perhaps a Red Lady. I presume from the fact today is Palm Sunday it can be classified as a Lenten Rose:
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July noon

parked cars in bright mid-day sunshine

Cars crouch low, jealous
of their shadows

A swallowtail dallies
among flower-bright trash

Wasps crawl terraza tables
where frosted glasses stood

Stray dogs sprawl
laughing in the heat

The city trembles