discussing whether

 snow on bare tree branches
When I’m in Spain I can go for weeks without watching or reading a weather forecast: que será, será and we’ll deal with it when it happens. In the UK, though, weather is a sort of national pastime, and I’ve known whole days planned around which TV channel is showing the weather forecast and at what time.
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sun, snow, sierra

Yesterday at 9am it was still so dark I was hardly able to see whether the garden was still there or whether it had either disappeared under flood-water or been blown away by the wind. Today, though, at around 8:30am:

Early morning mountains sprawl
on the horizon

Gredos snow at sunrise


Snowfall in the suburbs:
commuter cars
wear Father Christmas beards.

Yes, it deserves an accompanying photo, but there has been so much talk recently about using cameras in public places that I was hesitant to take one. In central London yesterday there was little more than:

A silent scampering of snow

but half way through the afternoon, when I headed west on a train from Paddington, it was still apparent that there had been far more snow outside the capital.

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